MLM Funding

Do you need $50,000 to $100,000 for MLM Funding?

Without risking any of your own money?

MLM Funding

With our special MLM Funding Program, you can be funded and in business recruiting, in a matter of one or two weeks, without going into serious debt or giving up any equity!

Everyone wants to get in “on the ground floor,” right? Actually, MLM funding is a pretty simple formula.  And we can turnkey the whole set-up process for you.  The real magic is in creating a compelling presentation.  The money you raise from your “Pre-launch Founder Group” program is yours to keep!

Use your “Pre-launch Founder Group” program to build your website, pay for any custom programming you may want and then use the balance to launch your new business enterprise prior to incorporating your company.  Offer people the opportunity to join your Pre-launch Founder Group program, and they’ll beat your door down trying to give you their money!

If your Pre-launch product purchase is, for example, $100, and you set the Pre-launch count to cap at 500 Founding Distributors, that will mean you will have $50,000 in seed capital, or with 1,000 you will raise $100,000. It’s very easy.

Here’s what we do:

1) Determine the funding amount you want
2) Remit $3,500 one-time setup charge
3) Work with us on the presentation content
4) Together decide on your Pre-launch pricing structure
5) Submit your product photographs
6) We write the draft script
7) We Illustrate the PowerPoint with graphic illustrations
8) You approve the final script
9) You approve the final PowerPoint presentation
10) We record a professional voice-over
11) We synchronize all slides to voice-over with transitions
12) We upload the entire production to your own website
13) Completion time, approximately 14 days
14) Finally, you kick-off your Founder Program

[ Step 1 – Watch our sample video ]